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Lex Talionis Fraternitas, Inc. Sodalitas Ducum Futurorum is an exclusive fraternal organization of Filipino jurists, legal practitioners and law students founded on September 29, 1969 at the San Beda College of Law. A chapter in the Ateneo de Davao University School of Law was established in 1974. In 1983, the Securities and Exchange Commission granted the incorporation of the fraternity.

Active members are also present in the San Sebastian College-Recolletos Institute of Law and the Far Eastern University Institute of Law.

The Triumvirate and the Ateneo:

In 1974, three members who hailed from the southern Philippines proposed to plant the seeds of Lex Talionis in the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Davao University School of Law. With the blessings the Grand Judex, they established a chapter in the Ateneo. These three members, Rodrigo Duterte, Joel Babista, and Alberto Sipaco Jr., would later be known as "the Triumvirate."

Duterte would later on serve as a long-time Mayor of Davao City, while Babista became one of the prominent law practitioners in the south. Sipaco, on the other hand, served as Regional Director of the Commission on Human Rights in Region XI.

In the Philippine Judiciary:

Although majority are either into private practice or employed in prestigious law firms, a considerable number of Lex Talionis members have been elected to public offices or appointed to executive positions in the government. Likewise, a number of members sit as judges or justices of collegiate courts.

To be appointed in the Philippine Judiciary is the highest achievement for a lawyer as well as for a law fraternity aside from having topnotchers.

On January 5, 2010, founding leader CA Justice Jose Catral Mendoza was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. More than a year later, on August 16, 2011, President Benigno Aquino III appointed CA Justice Bienvenido L. Reyes as the second Talion in the High Court. Prior to their appointment, Mendoza and Reyes were senior justices of the Court of Appeals. That left the first Grand Judex, Francisco Acosta, appointed December 14, 2006, as the lone member in the Court of Appeals.

Currently, two Talions are sitting at the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan. Gregory Ong was appointed by President Joseph Estrada on October 5, 1998, while Rodolfo Ponferrada Sr. was appointed August 23, 2004 by President Arroyo. Ong was a two-time Grand Judex, while Ponferrada was among the founding members.

The current president of the Philippine Judges Association, Antonio Eugenio Jr., is one of the senior members of the fraternity.

Bar Topnotchers:

Being an established fraternity, Lex Talionis has already produced a considerable number of topnotchers in the annual Philippine Bar Examinations. The first Talion Bar topnotcher was Alberto Serrano (17th Place, 1971); followed the following year by George Eduvala (3rd Place, 1972) and Felito Ramirez (7th Place, 1972).

The list grew longer as years passed by: Felicisimo Sagun (7th Place, 1976); Spyros Osorio (9th Place, 1978); John Agbayani (18th Place, 1978); Willard Riano (20th Place, 1981); Timoteo Aquino (8th Place, 1988); Rene Tria (9th Place, 1988); Florencio Mamauag (16th Place, 1988); Samuel Dacayo (18th Place, 1989); Antonio Kho (10th Place, 1990); Albert Villaseca (11th Place, 1991); Emil Aquino (16th Place, 1995); Xerxes Cortel (16th Place, 1995); Dante Bravo (10th Place, 2001); and George Ortha II (9th Place, 2002)

Do you want to join?

To be a Talion, there is no hard and fast rule. Ability and capability as well as intelligence and other matters for a prospect applicant shall be dealt in by our Judeces. Recruitment is by invitation only and exclusive to law students enrolled either at the San Beda College of Law or the Ateneo de Davao College of Law.

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